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My MAKEUP X MATH love story starts in 1989 when my Physics teacher at Hampton High School informed me that if I didn't get an 'A' on the next test, that I would get a 'D' on my report card for the semester.  To me, that was a BIG deal.  

I come from a family that strongly believes in and sacrifices for education.

So, I studied. Probably for the first time in that class, just due to indifference for it.  Well, I got an 'A' and I thought it was easy.  I didn't quite understand what was hard about it in the first place.  I came to realize later that Physics really makes perfect sense to me.  It's logical.  I was surprised to find out that that was not true for everyone.

I applied to college at South Carolina State University and was undecided on what major to take.  I tried different classes in High School, and for a long time I thought I wanted to be a Fashion Designer (and honestly, I didn't see the major 'fashion designer' in the college catalogs I was looking in and I didn't know about how to go about it, remember, it was 1989!).

My dad is an Engineer and he said 'Samantha, why don't you try Engineering?'  I shrugged and thought, 'why not?  I'll give it a try.'  

So in the gym during registration, someone pointed out 'Introduction to Engineering Technology' in the course catalog and I thought PERFECT!  That's a good way for me to see what it's all about.

When I stepped in that class, it was like my whole world shifted.  It was like, me, in academic form. The topics were so interesting.  I wanted to read everything and I did.  

I loved the books, tests, the Engineering Lab.  I love everything about it.

My dad is an Engineer and my grandfather could craft & build ANY house, with amazing precision & excellence using hand tools, even though he completed his formal education In 8th grade.

Looking back I feel I should have known.  I should have known to 'try Engineering' and I didn't.  

I almost missed it.  It was brief suggestion in the Registration line at SHM.

I've come to know that it is my responsibility to suggest Engineering to teens.  

If I didn't know, maybe there are others.  Others who don't understand that their Gift is hidden in the mind.  It's invisible until it has something to demonstrate it.  It's how you see things but it's hard to express verbally.  It's communicated by numbers, with rulers, with sharp pencils, with software.  With data and tools.  And those data points turn into forms & hues. 

It shows itself as Art.

So I did get to become a 'fashion designer' (aka cosmetics formulator & manufacturer) and I get to use STEM too.  Everyday.  It's so perfect I'm blushing!  

Yes, you can love Makeup X Math too!